Wines from under the vulcano Sitno.

Three artisan wineries aiming to produce wines with character.

  1. Pivnica Čajkov
  2. marvla TINDO
  3. Pivnica BRHLOVCE

To produce artisan wines. As we remember it from the childhood.
To produce character wines. To continue tradition, which we inherited from our ancestors and develop it further.

All three wineries are family based, distanced in radius of 10 km one to another, which you can make in 15 min drive.

1. Winery Pivnica Brhlovce is located in small village Brhlovce, famous for rock dwellings – the unique system of living space carved directly into vulcanic underlay.

2. Winery marvla TINDO is located at the edge of district city Levice, well known for levice vineyards and typical wine houses called „hajloky“

3. Winery Pivnica Čajkov is located in old vineyard village Čajkov. Great archive cellar of winery is situated in close village Nemčiňany.


Tel: +421 908 431 613

In the lead of Pivnica Čajkov is Mr. Marek Uhnák, under his leadership the winery has been through change management and rapid development over last years. At the beginning of his career he applied knowledge obtained by studies in terms of modern methods and way of working. It was his natural development, which beside other aspects generated undisputable experience. This brought him to understand specific aspects of Čajkov Terroir.

Step by step he discovered the great heritage of his ancestors: Harmonic conduct of traditional varieties with vulcanic underlay.

I am not seeking anymore trophies from competitions, scored points and medals. Do not want to find the „best“ wine. I realized that real gold is character and individuality of our specific region, which no one can and even should violently press into the glass of wine.

There is a special relation between Marek and Pesecká Leánka variety. He realized its individuality already during his studies at Modra college. Step by step he tried all possible and impossible combinations of production ways: from strictly reductive to oxidative ones. He has been adding variety of additives, combining grapes from differnt vineyards and mixing ready made wines. On top it he even grew up botrytic Leánka.

At the end of this journey realized the magic circle being back at the beginning.



Tel: +421 910 828 010, +421 915 990 203

Winery marvla TINDO is a friendship of two chaps who fell in passion with wine. Untraditional name of their winery is compilation of their first names: mar-TIN and vla-DO. Martin and Vlado perceive their project as small, family based winery.

As it always use to be in such a stories, also at the beginning of marvla TINDO winery it was dreaming, romantic idealism and about great courage. There would never be decision to build a new cellar in levice vineyards without these essential ingredients. Design was solely in hands of Vlado. Together their have got on train developing potential of vineyards palnted on vulcanic underlay.

It is essential to let nature and time to speak, because we believe it is much more to witness the process than to be supossedly director of it.

More and more their dived into the wine secrets, new ideas popped up to the surface, new horizons and challenges: the place of origin, old versus young vineyard, traditional varieties, limited and bespoke interventions in cellar, oak barrels, wine and vinatge character.

Suddenly the wine is not the target, but the „medium“ for understanding surrounding world.



Tel: +421 905 544 524

Winery Pivnica Brhlovce is small, sort of a „boutique“ winery located in rock dwellings in Brhlovce village. It is place where time goes in analogy way. The mission is to craft the wines and protect rock dwellings, give them second chance to live.

The flow of time and intuition are our main working tools in the cellar. We perceive the wine craft as creative process. It is more emotional story than perfect technological procedure.

The wine value is perceived in the sense of art, savoir faire and beauty than materially.

It is contrary to machine like and industrial production resulting in cold and empty product.